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Free Flow Electronic Weighing Unit

Free Flow Electronic Weighing Scales, a completely automatic vertical packaging machine, are built for adherence to occupational safety regulations, maximum speed, long lifetime, minimal maintenance cost, and operational efficiency. It carries out the packing procedure between the chosen film width and length, as well as 25000 grams of goods. It is particularly well-suited to the packing of granular items (detergent, granular soap, legumes, nuts, chemical fertilizers, salt, sugar, etc.).

General Features

  • CE certified,
  • Vertical type fully automatic product dosing unit,
  • Product contact points are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, as is the chassis and body construction,
  • ST 37-ST 52 material and electrostatically painted,
  • Long-lasting design with reinforced wear points,
  • Easy assembly-disassembly, simple and compact design that meets cleaning standards, clean production standards with product spill points and dust suction points inside the main body,
  • Maximum precision in target weight (max. (+) (-) 2 gr.),
  • Product flow control system using servo motor,
  • Real-time target dosing using high accuracy loadcells,
  • In an automation system, there is a database for motion control and reporting,
  • Selection of oil-free pneumatic instruments and dust suction points, as well as a functioning system that does not require lubrication and does not generate pollution,
  • Hygienic design with dust suction points and stainless materials,
  • Maximum energy efficiency with little air and power consumption,
  • PLC control and professional software of the latest generation,
  • 6″ Color touch user-friendly operator panel,
  • 24-bit dosing control cards,
  • Multi-functional operator-friendly user panel,
  • Manual test page allowing manual manipulation of machine components,
  • 4 dosing scale and single / double scale filling options,
  • Using a specifically designed connecting reducer, it may be fitted into any packaging machine.

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