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Linear Electronic Weighing Unit

Linear scales are an excellent weighing tool for granules (such as legumes, cereals, and coffee with grains), fine granules (sugar, salt, seeds, rice, and sesame), and non-food products such as screws, nuts, plastic components, fertilizers, and detergents. It is also an excellent choice for stuffing pre-made packaging (in semi-automatic systems).

General Features

  • Rigid and solid body,
  • All product contact surfaces are constructed of 304 stainless steels,
  • Easy installation for each product,
  • The program may be quickly customized to the production needs,
  • The sensitivity can be adjusted based on the product’s weight and density,
  • Optional catch scale,
  • Complete electronic monitoring,
  • Easy usage and adjustment,
  • Easy assembly, disassembly, and cleaning,
  • Electrical structure that simplifies connection to the automation system,
  • Conforms to CE standards.

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