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Multi-Shrouded Electronic Scales

MHD series weighing units, with their modern and versatile design, satisfy a wide range of manufacturing requirements with a variety of mounting and application options. The scales are separated into distinct pieces and have a polygonal form. The number of parts might range between ten and twenty, depending on the production requirements. The product travels via the main distributor, flow channels, feeding pans, weighing pans, and collecting pans until it falls into the package on the scale. MHD series scales are among the most advanced computer-aided weighing systems available, and they are compatible with all packing systems.

General Features

●All product contact surfaces are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
● The 10″ Color Touchscreen allows for simple control and modification.
●The number of pans and the structure of the pans vary based on the production requirements.
●A maximum of 100 prescriptions can be registered.
●Without the use of any tools, all parts that come into contact with the product can be readily dismantled and cleaned.
●Each pan is closed and opened using independent stepper motors.
●The vibration of the horizontal feeding flow channels can be changed individually from the control panel.
●The weighing’s minimum and maximum tolerances can be simply modified on the screen.
●Both before and during operation, zero calibration is completed as specified.
●A delay time can be specified between the emptying times of the pans that make up the calibration to prevent the product from being caught on the collar-pipe.
●The scale adjusts the vibration rates of the horizontal feeding channels automatically by making its own judgement based on the settings.
●The multi-discharge function enables high weight weighing.
●Encryption is used to secure the panel against unwanted data input.
●Includes an automatic discharge function as well as a cleaning function.
●Transition from one product to another is simple and quick.
●Accuracy level control is available with an optional horizontal feeding system.

●Simple to use and adjust, as well as simple assembly, disassembly, and cleaning.
● An electrical structure that permits connection to the automation system.
●Conforms to CE standards,

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