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Screw Filling Unit

It is the best filling system for dosing powder products (Coffee, cream, starch, flour, spices, etc.). It is a volumetric filling device that adjusts the weight of the product based on the number of turns, as well as the line and spacing of the helix employed in the filling. The precision of filling is determined by the density variation of the filled Product. It fills the product straight into the package and in the correct amount using a screw particular to each product. It is intended for use with vertical packing machines, doypack systems, and semi-automatic filling systems. The servo system utilized in the helix’s drive system ensures repeatability, allowing the appropriate weight to be achieved.

General Features

• The two-piece openable filling chamber facilitates cleaning process,
• It has a valve system that allows it to work with fluid products,
• Stainless steel is used on all surfaces that come into contact with the product,
• Exact and accurate tour setting that may be repeated using the Servo Motor,
• A specially built mixer system with an AC motor control that regulates product feeding,
• Accurate level control, with an optional horizontal feeding system,
• Simple to use and customize,
• Simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean,
• An electrical structure that allows for easy connection to the automation system,
• Meets CE standards.

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