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Volumetric Filling Unit

For dosing powdery and fine-grained materials, a volumetric filling device is employed. It offers fast and accurate filling in 1900cm3 and 7000cm3 capacities, with 6 – 8 filling pans based on your dosage volume. The Volume cups require extremely little maintenance due to their innovative technology and may be simply integrated into your existing operations due to their compact design.

General Features

  • Feeding products from the hopper,
  • The flap system, which allows it to work with fluid products,
  • Stainless steel is used on all surfaces that come into touch with the product,
  • The dosage amount is determined by its volume,
  • Filling and emptying the dosing cups during the rotary motion of the dosing plate
  • Motorized volume adjustment allows for quick and exact adaption to a variety of production volumes. ●For goods with stable density, it provides high dosage precision,
  • Weight fluctuation can be compensated for with optional weight control,
  • Optional catch scale,
  • Complete electronic monitoring,
  • Simple to use and customize,
  • Simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean,
  • An electrical structure that permits connection to the automation system,
  • Conforms to CE standards.

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